Who's behind this?

Sarah Mae Bombay // Sar
A 20++ year-old creature who once dreamed of  wearing white  lab gown and suspending stethoscope on her neck.  But later on found her passion in designing structures that continues up to now as she holds a degree of BS in Architecture.

Despite being a fan of outdoors and everything that involves walking and discovering new places and things, she still finds time to  reunite with the comfort of her home where she gives her mind an opportunity to wander, instead.

Film Photography, Traditional Art and Paperbacks are the things she wishes not to get extinct.

She finds human beings very amusing, thus spending most of her time observing people at public spaces.

In love with rustic look of certain things such as vintage trinkets and abandoned things which she believed tohave interesting stories behind them.

A kid whose heart is dedicated to unending search for knowledge.

Dimidium facti qui coepit habet, Sapere Aude, incipe! 
// He who began is halfway done, Dare to be wise, begin!


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